Kastelorizo lgkj

hi, i am not sure if i post in the right forum, but i couldn’t find an exact answer somewhere. i use the latest msfs navdata, ironsim kastelorizo, aerosoft’s crj 700 but when i program the fmc the lgkj airport is not there. i am not sure if the order in the community folder plays a role in that. right now it is aerosoft crj, ironsim lgkj and then the navigraph-navdata folder. i could use 1,2,3 numbers in front of them to change the order.

this is no navdata issue, sorry. The reason is the runway length filter in the CRJ is set to 4300ft minimum per default. The runway at LGKJ is 2618ft long so I guess to short for the CRJ. All airports with less than this minimum will be suppressed.

What I know is, that you can set this minimum runway length somewhere in the CRJ FMS and than you should be able to enter this ICAO code but for more details please use the CRJ manual.

KASTELORIZO (LGKJ) is included but there are no terminal procedures for this airport.


For more details, please read the CRJ manual.

hi richard, thank you very much for your answer. you are absolutely right, i didn’t thought that planes can suppress all airports not suitable for landing due to runway minimum lenght.

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