Italy procedures missing

Hello, I want to point out that some procedures must be added to the LIPA and LIPS airports in Italy.
I am attaching the characteristics of the missing SID/STAR.


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thanks for contacting us … I´m not 100% sure but I assume, that is due the military status of LIPS. There are no information for LIPS in the official (civil) AIP therefore my assumption.

I can´t really say why the TACAN3/4 for 08 is available in our database and not 26 too. I will add this on my question list to Jeppesen and will inform you when we received an answer … but please be patient. Thank you very much!


I have information of military! I give you the military procedure. I know there very well

I have the cordinate of why point from tacan 3/4 for 24

I meant 26 not 24. I sent the procedures for 26

Hi again,
that´s very kind, thanks for your offer … the point is only, that we would need it in a special format (standard ARINC424) that we can use it in our parser. So, only the waypoints (and/or the coordinates) are not enough, sorry.

Also, due our partnership with Jeppesen, it´s not allowed to add all “missing” information in the database to avoid an issues and/or questions about “why, how and from where”, … we may add tailored records only due a very special reason (ie. like VHHX, …).

Therefore, please let me check it first before we look what we can do in the future.

Thank you very much,

Aviano-USAB.rar (253.4 KB)

I received LIPA military procedures file called “LAURA” today. The procedures are used exclusively by the US military

I want to point out that on the Flightradar24 website the names of the VFR/IFR fix points foreseen for the June cycle have been updated. Especially in the North East of Italy many names will change. These are the Fixpoints relating to the ILS, SID, STAR, RNAV procedures, etc

Thanks, depending on the report dates you will also see the changes in our data/apps with AIRAC 2306/7.

Richard (464.8 KB)


I also want to point out the GPS procedures FOR Pordenone La Comina, Casera Razzo and Parco Livenza. There are also GPS corridors to enter Comina (1021 KB)

thanks for forwarding the scenery files but again, we can´t use it and also we can´t add it … as I wrote before, we need the file in the standard ARINC424 format that we can add it. Also, we must clarify first, if this makes sense and don´t violate against our contracts.

Thank you very much!


Uploading:… (466.3 KB)
I created the file with various formats containing all the FixPoints updated to 1 June 2023. You can add the points on Navigraph. You have all the required files.

thanks again but as I have written before, we need such tailored files in the standard ARINC424 format that we can import it in our parser. All other formats are useless, sorry.