Is this a problem with Simbrief?

Error: Airway “J19” uses invalid endpoints
Error: Airway “J134” uses invalid endpoints

I don’t think so. I believe you are using the wrong start / end endpoints which will give you the error for the Airway. I don’t know if there is something else.

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Please type (so we can cut and paste) the flight plan giving the error, and show the error message. Please see Guide to posting Screenshots.


Here is the FPL

KPHXKSPI_MFS_01Jul23.pln (6.3 KB)

Hi, in rare cases SimBrief might not have a valid route in its database for the airports you selected.

If this happens in the future, you can either scroll down to the “Route Finder” section in SimBrief and click “Find Route” or use the Autorouter feature in Charts to find a route.

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Got it thanks…Used the route finder

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