Route error LFRG to EFHK


With the route LFRG to EFHK, I have the folowing error:

Error: Airway “Z702” uses invalid endpoints.
Error: Airway “P606” uses invalid endpoints.
Error: Fix or airway “BATOB” not found.
Route distance: 1106 nm (+ 3.4%).

Alain. Fr

This can happen on routes that are rarely flown by other users.

When it happens, you can use some of the other routing tools to find or generate a new route. For example, the built-in Route Finder tool in SimBrief, or the Navigraph Charts autorouter function.

Also you can try searching the following third-party websites: GRD, EDI-GLA,, or RouteFinder.

I have also added a route to the SimBrief database for these airports now.

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