Is there any way to keep Navigraph Charts in the foreground?


Is there any way to keep Navigraph Charts in the foreground during a flight? Every time I click in X-Plane, Navigraph Charts disappears into the background. Looking forward to answer.

Regards, Marcel

Hi Marcel,

This should be the behaviour with Charts Desktop. Are you sure you aren’t using Charts Cloud at ?


I use Charts Desktop. Where should you be able to set this?

Here I have found an answer:

Am I correct in assuming that I asked an uncomfortable question (Always on Top / Foreground)?

Not at all.

You posted a link to Malte’s post which said "Thank you for your feedback! We have noted the request and will consider adding such an option in a future update of our Charts application. "

We shall consider your suggestion for the new version of Charts across all platforms currently in development.


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Hi Marc52,

Regarding the first message I posted Re “Always On Top”, since then I have come across a neat little app that does keep Navigraph Charts “On Top” during flight sim use. It’s called “Window Top” and it’s downloadable for free, it has some extra features that are great, but you will need to purchase the App to use them, but if your looking for just Windows On Top it will do the job.



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