Always on Top not working


I use Navigraph charts desktop with Pilot2ATC in my second screen while having MSFS in my main screen. However if “Always on Top” is selected in NCD the app flicks, goes to the bottom and cannot be brought back to top. Any ideas? Thanks you.

EDIT. “Always on top” works if MSFS is not in full screen in the main screen- If MSFS is running the app goes to the bottom and cannot be brought back. Is this a bug or normal? thanks

I am having similar issues with the always on top setting and it started a few updates ago. The issue I am having is the Navigraph window will initially stay on top of MSFS, but it disappears if I interact with MSFS and then try to interact with Navigraph. Pressing Alt+Tab does not bring the Navigraph window back. Instead, I must press the Windows key to show the taskbar and then click on Navigraph. It’s really annoying.

I only have one wide screen monitor and I run MSFS in full screen.

Yep! its the same issue.


We’re investigating.

Did you try in-game panel in MSFS? It’s an alternative that will always stay on top of the sim in the meanwhile.



Thanks Stephen! I prefer to open the desktop app in a second screen so it doesnt block the view much. Hope you find a solution soon!

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It seems fullscreen can’t be overridden by other apps, so if you run MSFS in fullscreen then it takes priority over other apps regardless if the Always on top setting. Always on top works if you run MSFS in windowed mode. There doesn’t seem to be any way around this. If you run MSFS in fullscreen mode then the In-game panel is your option if you want Charts on the same screen.



Thanks Stephen! The thing is I run MSFS in my main screen and Charts (or any other app) in the second one. The “always on top” feature works normally in any other apps (i.e. Little Navmap or PACX) but Charts


Hello, I don’t think this is really true, FS2Crew, PACX and LRM can all stay on top, just navigraph fails after clicking away and back to the window

I see. We might have jumped to conclusions too quickly there. We’re researching it further.



Many thanks Stephen!

Thank you very much, Navigraph is by far my most important Addon, so I hope it will work soon

Hello everyone! This issue will be resolved with the next update. Thanks for the feedback!

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Great! thank you. Cant wait