Is there a simple way to authenticate in game panel while using VR?

I start the flight in 2D mode and authenticate the Navigraph in game panel successfully. I switch to VR and the Navigraph in-game panel is gone.

I relaunch the Navigraph in game panel while in VR. The QR code is only visible in the HP Reverb G2, not on the screen. I haven’t found a way to authenticate the QR code.

So I suppose my question is, “How do I start the Navigraph in-game panel while using VR”. A list of steps would be helpful.

Thank you in advance. This is in SU5. I recall it working in SU4.



Perhaps you could authenticate before going into VR? The authentication should be kept as long as you don’t restart the sim.

Or, in VR: Can you see the alphanumeric code? If so, please navigate to in a separate browser on a different computer or smartphone, and then type the code there. We realize you need to remove the headset briefly. We hope in the future MSFS will be able to remember the authentication so you only need to login once, then ideally in non-VR mode.



Hi Stephen,
i used navigraph within msfs (in vr) and it is very uncomfortable to authentificate again every time i start the sim - i restart the sim in one Session at least two times, for example, because the sim craches or i can’t switch back to vr (i know, these are asobo-issues). I have a valid subscription, no hacks, ones a day (or a week :grinning:) i think is enough authentification, or?
Thanks from Berlin

Hi Daniel,


We hear you but it requires a fix from MS/ASOBO which we are waiting for.

As a workaround, before you put your VR set on, maybe try clicking on the link , which will open a browser windows for login.

Please see thread at Having to verify account every time? - #23 by jazbanter


Thanks for the fast answer and sorry that i did not saw the other thread (i searched for auth)