Is SimBrief using Navigraph Database?

I use SimBrief for planning my flights in MSFS2020 and I do have Navigraph account. Today I was planning a flight in India from VIDP to VISR airports. SimBrief found VIDP but did not find VISR in the database. However, within MSFS, I have the Navigraph tool installed and that could show both airports. So why did SimBrief not find VISR?


Hi Pramond,
first of all welcome here in the forum and thank you very much for your report.

Yes, SimBrief uses exactly the same database as we use for the charts and the navdata updates. So, you can be 100% sure, that when you plan a flight with SimBrief you can use it 1:1 in MSFS and in all current (and upcoming) addons which are supported by us.

To your question about VISR:
There are airports included in the source, which have no runways and VISR is such airport. You see this also in the charts-app:


So, it makes no sense to add an airport for flightplanning, when you don´t have any runways and therefore such airports are not selectable in SimBrief. For many, many, many years (I guess 6 or 7) we have decided for the navdata-updates to merge FSX runways with the airports where the runways are missing but thats only for the navdata-updates, not for the charts nor for SimBrief. It´s a own merge in the navdata-parser which works completely independent.

After so many years, it makes also no sense to implement this merge in SimBrief because the runway-idents can be outdated (due mag var), closed or similar else. The FSX data source is simple too old for such merge.

Last, the reason why there are airports but no runways in the source is, that there are no official information existing from the government of such countries.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for your response. However, your explanation does not make sense because the runway information is certainly available in public domain. As you can see in the attached pictures, Skyvector and Pilot2ATC show the runway information for this airport, and I may point out that Pilot2ATC uses Navigraph database (and I always keep the database updated). To me, it seems that SimBrief is missing something when reading the Navigraph database.


And MSFS2020 does show the runway information too. It is only SimBrief which is missing this information

As Richard has stated there is no official data source, check the India AIP, VISR is not listed, most likely as it is military.

SkyVector is not an official data source.

If you look on the runways tab of Pilot2ATC you’ll see the runway number is not from the AIRAC data source.

And to add this came up before and was answered HERE

Hi again,
@srcooke is absolutely right. Information from any public domain webpage aren´t really trustful because on the most webpage there is no reference from where such information comes from. MSFS as an example use the bing-map images as reference and you see on many examples that these images are sometimes outdated (missing runways, which are still existing in real, wrong runway ident due magnetic variation changes, …).

So, the only references are the AIP of the countries also for data provider like Jeppesen. So, when the country doesn´t offer these data officially, like the AIP India with VISR, the informations are missing in the main source. Therefore as I has described - we have made a merge between the old FSX runways with the main data-source, that all these airports are also selectable in the FMC. But that means, we have no charts and it´s also not included in applications like SimBrief, which use the main-source only.

Anyway, we have now decided to remove such airports (where no runways existing in the main-source) from the navdata also to be 100% in sync with all applications. This will be done with AIRAC 2110.


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