Brussels/EBBR showing the wrong runways on simbrief?

I noticed on navigraph the runways are totally different to what simbrief says, there is no existing 25R runway in brussels. Is this a bug on either simbrief, or navigraph?

do you have any official reference (like notam, AIP information, …), that the 25R isn´t existing any more at EBBR because we have this runway still in our charts and also in our database. Therefore you can select it in SimBrief also …

SimBrief is Navigraph - so all use exactly the same data-source.


I seemed to have made a mistake, double checking actually.

I use navigraph mobile so please forigve me for this blindly mistake, but I mistook the 25R for 22R.

Thank you so much for the reply, very quick!

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No problem :wink: … You´re welcome!

Happy flying

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