iPad won’t open charts

New forum member here and hope I’m posting in the correct section for support.

Having a problem with IPad displaying any charts.
I am able to log in the App, then when I select a chart to open all I get is spinning wheel trying to load.
I am using IPad 12.5.7 version and Navigraph App version 8.28.1 build 2
Any assistance is appreciated.

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Check your internet connection. Maybe you have a limitation with your router?

Can you run Navigraph Charts on a browser on the iPad.


Physical Ipad will not load charts.
As mentioned I can sign in and access other features in the App like Weather ,Winds etc. It just hangs when I select any chart to display.

How does it go running Navigraph Charts on a browser on the iPad?


Hi Ian
Thanks firstly for the assistance.
I just tried to load Navigraph Charts on Safari Browser but it will also not load.
This has only just started, and before I had full access to everything.

Your spinning wheel symptoms point to a network issue.

Do you have an iPhone or PC to try on too? Can you use a different network on your iPad, for example mobile broadband instead of WIFI, temporarily to test the networking ?



I managed to connect to charts via the use of my phone personal hotspot and it appears to work although a little slow.
I am a loss as to why this has just developed recently when everything use to work fine previously as stated.
Also why I am still able to login and display Live Weather Radar and other information but will not display charts


Your results certainly suggests a network issue. Please check your firewall and any Antivirus, by disconnecting both.


Thanks, will try your solution and see what happens

Hi Ian

If this is as you suggest a network error, how is it possible to still sign in and receive ‘Live Weather Radar’ and other features except Charts. I am struggling to understand this.

Firewalls and Antivirus are filters not purely open or shut. They might allow somethings through and not others.

How did you go disconnecting them as a test?


Have not disconnected yet as other household members use same wifi router and need to work out how to disconnect/disable temporarily.

I would reset modem and router. That helped my connection. you coud go to ookla and do a speed test.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Will try when able.

Thanks to all for the suggested fixes for my Charts issue.
Problem is now resolved.