iOS iPad missing .PLN File Import and Export

Greetings, do you have plans to add .PLN import and export functionality to the iPad iOS version of Charts 8? If so, when is it scheduled for inclusion?


Hello kwmcbee.

Can you please give us some more information about your usecase? When do you have PLN files on your iPad? Just curious. :slight_smile:



Being on an iPad, the only way I can load files in is from cloud storage. I regularly use .PLN files during Discord group flights, particularly VFR GA flights. By loading the .PLN into Charts 8 I can use its functionality to review the charts for any airport landing along the route. Saving flights that I create back to the cloud allows them to be loaded into Xbox or shared with others.

With the current version of Charts 8, I can create flights manually on my iPad, quite easily and efficiently. However to save them I must boot a pc, then run charts to save. The reverse is true when loading .PLN files into charts.
A cumbersome and inefficient process.

Being an Xbox user of Charts, cloud storage is the only option for many players. There are surprisingly more Xbox players using Charts than you may realize.



Thank you for sharing information on your workflow. We’ll consider adding the file import/export also to tablet devices!




Fellow Xbox user of charts here…

Just querying how you have been able to import flight plans on Xbox… I didn’t know that was an available function?

You will need a pc or laptop the can load to the world map in FS2020. You don’t need one powerful enough to do flights.

How to Transfer a Flight Plan from PC FS2020 to Xbox FS2020
Installing your Xbox license onto a PC.

  1. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is NOT required. Xbox Cloud Gaming is NOT required or used.
  2. An FS2020 installation using the same license is required on both your Xbox and P C.
  3. Installing FS2020 requires first installing the Xbox app on the PC. The Xbox app is available from the Microsoft Store. Using the Xbox app allows the use of your Xbox license, avoiding the re-purchase of FS2020. Microsoft provides instructions on obtaining and using their PC Xbox app.
  4. Consult the Microsoft FS2020 web site for minimum PC requirements.

File Transfer Process

  1. If starting with your laptop or PC turned off, the process will take 15-30 minutes. Only one FS2020 instance can be running on a system at a time.
  2. On your PC open the World Map.
  3. Create a flight plan on your PC and save it, or open an existing .PLN file from your PC. To open a .PLN file from the PC Select “MORE” then “LOAD/SAVE” then “LOAD FROM THIS P C”. Navigate to the appropriate directory and open the file.
  4. Save the .PLN file to the cloud for accessing on the Xbox. Select “MORE” then “LOAD/SAVE” then “SAVE TO XBOX CLOUD STORAGE”.
  5. Exit out of FS2020 on your PC.
  6. Start FS2020 on your Xbox.
  7. On your Xbox open the World Map.
  8. Select “MORE” then “LOAD/SAVE”. Select the desired .PLN file from the selection list.
  9. Go flying.