Integrate Navigraph charts into EFB Leonardo MD82

I am new to the Leonardo MD82 and trying to start the EFB and connecting to Navigraph Charts. Using the latest version of MD82, AIRAC updated but when ticking on the selection EFB in the Load Manager, starting P3Dv4.5, selecting the MD82, my browser opens and gives a message :
“There is an error determining which application you are signing into. Return to the application and try again.”.
Could a reason be that I am registered with Navigraph with and ‘old’ service provider’s name ‘pandora’ wich is different from the new name ?
Peter Magnus

Found the issue !
I am using Chrome as default browser and upon starting FS it opened a black screen with above text. On clicking the refresh button some text briefly flashed. I copied the URL in Firefox and a login screen Navigraph/Leonardo opened ! I registered as requested, ticked ‘remember’ and as from now Chrome is not anymore preventing the startup of P3D with the MD82. Perhaps a good idea to change browser, or perhaps alert other users ?

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