Cannot open Navigraph Charts in Aerosoft EFB

Hello - I’m hoping that someone can assist me with getting Navigraph up and running in my Aerosoft Airbus EFB’s.

The relevant aircraft’s Aerosoft configuration file(s) has been set to Navigraph usage (not NavDataPro) and Navigraph has confirmed that I am logged in.

Unfortunately, I am till now unable to launch Navigraph Charts in the EFB and therefore any assistance would be higly appreciated. Thank you.

PS. I have queried this situation on the Aerosoft forum but unfortunately nothing seems to rectify the current frustrating situation.

Hi Herman,


In Aerosoft.A3XX.Configurator.exe for the specific aircraft, check you have Navigraph selected for both Navigation Data Source and EFB Settings (and correctly Logged In )



Thank you for your response, Ian.

I am aware of the details as described in your email. For some reason the only option being offered by the Aerosoft EFB is NavDataPro. Will further follow-up on the Aerosoft Forum.

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I had the same issue till I changed the EFB setting to Navigraph for the correct aircraft.