Installing Navigraph Charts & Simlink on a Mac

Hi Ian, I am following up a conversation we had a few weeks ago regarding my inability to link Navigraph Charts to XPlane11 on my Mac. The solution was to modify the settings within Firefox.

Today am writing to address an issue I encountered while re-downloading and installing Simlink. My working copy of XPlane11 is on an external HD. The Simlink installer places the required files, including Application, plugin file, and Library files all within this external drive. I believe this is incorrect as these files (except the plugin) should rightly be installed within my internal HD Applications and Library folders. I have done this and it all works. The key though, was the Firefox setting. In order for Simlink to work it is absolutely necessary that the “Navigraph-traffic-desktop” setting within Firefox/preferences/applications be set to “Use Navigraph Simlink - Default”. Once this is done properly it all works. You might share this with any confused Mac users with similar issues.

Regards and Seasons Greetings!
Steve Haines`

Hi Steve,

Yes, yesterday I created FAQ - Firefox may start an app when Simlink Starts.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Compliments of the Season.


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