INOP Charts

Thank you for understanding.

I think you’re correct. I’ve tried all of these. Android (Phone), win 10, 11, 7, and IPad. All the same result. It connects to the sim, but even when my plane is parked and connected at KGON, the app shows somewhere off the west coast of Africa and will not relocate to the airport. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, logged out, logged in, all the same! Hope this can get fixed soon.

Good to go after downloading and installing older version. THANK YOU

I installed the older version, and all is good both on IPad, and Windows 7/10. Good to go now. Thanks for providing the earlier version. I’ll be hanging on to it for a bit.

I’m getting the Charts Inop crash screen. Only today (so far). I tried uninstalling it and installing the program from the website, but I got the same result. I’m using Windows 10,and FSX. Thanks.

Hi! I moved your post. Please see above messages, including a working Simlink version while we work on a fix!


We just released the Simlink patch version (v1.1.33.2810) with the fix for INOP in Charts and Moving Map wrong data for the FSX Flight Simulator.

Please update the SImlink application if you get the Update available message.

Or you can download the latest Simlink application version for Windows with a fix from here.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Vishal Ahir

Thank you for the new version Fix the problem for FSX users.

All sorted Thank you very much

Thank you for the confirmations! We will consider this topic resolved. If you have any further issues, please create a new topic!

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