Innsbruck LOWI 26 glideslope or not?

Hi, I still don’t understand if at Innsbruck LOWI, rwy 26, there is a glideslope or not. The published approach is a LOC, but in MSFS, with Navigraph navdata, I get a glideslope. Is it correct or not?

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yes the runway 26 (ident: OEV) has a glideslope component too and therefore a glideslope, but due the different minimas and regulations, the approaches are only coded as LOC approach and fully ILS approach. On the side, 08 (ident: OEJ) here you don´t see any glideslope.

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Thanks, Richard. Therefore I can perform a normal ILS coupled approach with loc and gs, although it’s 3.77° and not standard 3°?

Yes, you can - but it´s not “allowed”:slight_smile: … the GS is only as an indication and it´s highly recommended (specially in this area and due the offset-approach) to compare the altitudes with the DME component.

But anyways, yes - the glideslope is good and correct so far … :wink:

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