RNAV landing in LOWI was not possible

I flew the Cessna Citation Longitude from Stuttgart (EDDS) to Innsbruck (LOWI). A few strange things happened. Firstly, the autopilot did not lower the altitude from a certain waypoint, even though VNAV was active. Secondly, the autopilot would have steered me straight into a mountain if I had not intervened manually. My runway in Innsbruck was 08, my arrival was XEBI1B with the transition XEBIX. The approach was RNAV Y RWY 08 with the transition ELMEM. So far I have only flown ILS approaches in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, this was my first RNAV approach. I have not installed any mods, apart from the Navigraph plugins. What am I doing wrong during the approach? Or can you only do ILS approaches with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

this is hard to answer because there are a lot of things which must correct set, when you fly such approach, therefore a more or less generic answer here:

The Longitude has a few limitations, but can fly RNAV approaches too. The MSFS supports this kind of approach. So, thats not the root cause here. I’m also pretty sure, that this has nothing todo with the navdata which we provide for MSFS. I have flown the RNAV Y 08 just now for testing with the FBW A320 without any issues.

I would recommend to try the same:

  1. Without our data installed, to see if there is a diffrrence in data handling
  2. With our data installed but another aircraft, which also use the in-game navdata

Also important are possible 3rd party sceneries which you have installed in your system. When one scenery package is corrupt/or not 100% compatible with the current MSFS version, its also possible that you run into such strange issues.

The last issue could be youself, that you make something wrong in the configuration of the aircraft during the approach but again, thats hard to identify at least via text, without screenshots, video or similar else.


I looked for add-ons again and the only scenery add-ons I have installed are the World Updates from Microsoft, so no 3rd party add-ons. I then uninstalled the World Update 6 from Microsoft because I suspected that it could affect the Innsbruck region. After I flew the flight from Stuttgart to Innsbruck again, I unfortunately flew into a mountain again on the final approach with the Cessna Criterion Longitude. However, I have now seen that the approaches to Innsbruck are not RNAV but RNP approaches, perhaps the standard Microsoft aircraft do not support RNP. You flew the FBW A320, unfortunately I did not install this, but perhaps it is simply able to fly RNP.

I did another test flight with the same configuration. This time I noticed that the autopilot in the flight plan only jumps to waypoint WI814, from there the flight plan is not processed any further. Normally this should jump to the waypoint WI006, right?

No, and thats due missing knowledge it seems … The waypoint WI814 is the MAP, so the “last” waypoint … from this waypoint on, you fly the rest visually.

Such approaches are difficult and normally you should use the charts to plan an approach correctly. When you look on the RNP Y 08 you will see that the WI814 is the MAP and the following path should be flown visually.

The yellow marker (M) are the MAP, the red line the visual part …

I’m pretty sure, that there is a discon between WI814 and WI006 and therefore you fly directly in the Nordkette. Innsbruck is special and needs special trainings.

Possible you start with an easier RNP approach somewhere to train how you can read and fly the approach correctly.

No navdata issue.

Thank you and I hope that helps

Oh, thank you very much for your help. I really seem to be lacking the background knowledge here. So far I have only flown ILS approaches, and almost everything was automatic. Thanks for the tip about the map marker and the red line on the approach chart, I learned something new from that. I will try to find tutorials on how to read maps correctly and hopefully avoid such mistakes in the future.

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It’s expensive to lost an airplane on an mountain :face_with_peeking_eye::grinning:

No probs … According tutorial, I can recommend this ones:



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