Init request "invalidf-plan uplink

unable to get the simbrief plan into the Fenix a320 MCDU no matter what i try. Even more frustrating is the lack of contact info to get answers.
Plan shows up in Simbrief tablet on Aircraft but will not transfer to MCDU



Make sure you have the latest Fenix version installed.

Please see FAQ - MSFS Importing SimBrief flight plans into the Fenix A320 MCDU

Make sure you have pressed the SimBrief Generate Flight button on the SimBrief webpage.

If still an issue please post the flight plan text string, so we can try to replicate the issue.

Also please advise what steps you have taken with MCDU INIT REQUEST and the results.


A: where to find the text string
B: INIT REQUEST shows the INVALID F-PLAN UPLINK message. This is ridiculous. Must be missing a major step. Have reviewed a dozen you tubes at this point. NO HELP

After you press Generate Flight you can copy the Selected Route and upload it here

I am trying to see if there anything unusual in your SimBrief generated flight plan which might be causing the error message.