Srinagar Airport Charts package missing from both Navigraph Desktop and FMS Navdata

I tried searching for charts on VISR/SXR in the charts application for the desktop but nothing is available, previous versions of the AIRAC cycle had them, wonder why aren’t they available?



A military aerodrome that is not listed in the India AIP and therefor no commercial airline requirement ?

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@srcooke is absolutely right … thanks for that answer!


It’s a dual use Airport with a civilian enclave sharing premises with the rest of the military Airport, and it’s capable of receiving Code E Aircraft and served 2.4 Million passengers annually before the pandemic, so the assumption that it has no commercial airline requirement is incorrect.

Ok, the data isn’t publicly available on the India AIP authoritative source.

Jeppesen do not appear to have commercial customers or cannot make the data publicly available hence not included in NG.

Hi again,
the source data of each country comes from their government, specially from their AIP. When the government don´t offer the data for the data-provider like Jeppesen, Lido, NavBlue, … the data can´t be added in the standard dataset. This is a process every 28 days …

As @srcooke wrote, the data-provider can add tailored records/airports too but normally only, when they have a customer which requested these data. That is also a normal process …

In this case, it looks like that there are no public AIP data available for the data-provider and at least our data-provider have no carrier which have requested these data. That has nothing todo with ignorance, it´s the daily business for the data-provider.

Hope that explain something,

The data isn’t available in open source because the Indian Air Force considering it as an active Airbase refuses to allow any open source data to be published. After contacting an Airline Pilot who regularly flies into the aircraft, it’s come to my notice that the charts are published and directly supplied to operators under the conditions of confidentiality. So you may now close this topic.

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