Incorrect altitudes reported in approach

For airport KMFR, ILS 14, the altitudes reported by the approach in the sim (X-Plane 11) do not match the altitudes on either FAA nor Jeppessen charts. In particular, the waypoint AMASE shows as 3900 in the navigator altitude, but on the approach charts, its shown as 4600. How can we get this fixed in the next database update?

Looking KMFR.dat, I see this entry:
APPCH:010,I,I14, ,AMASE,K1,P,C,E I, , ,IF, ,IMFR,K1,P,I, ,3228,0118, , ,J,04600,03900,18000, , , , , , , , , ,0,D,S;

which seems to show 4600 as an altitude, but again, the XP G1000 shows 3900.

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