In game panel VFR Map Area is Blank

What I expected to happen.

I expected to see the actual VFR Map within the panel, All features of the Beta product working well, such as: flight planning, overlaid SIDS, STAR’s, TAXI,

What actually happened

Recently, the Beta VFR map does not appear. All other aspects of the product work as expected such as Aircraft position, route track and the overlays namely Airports, Runways, SIDS, STAR’s etc. Menu and sub-menu items all seem to be working properly… Just no map.
The traditional In Game Panel Works perfectly well.


Could you please try it again? We had issues yesteday but these were resolved. We are not able to reproduce any blank VFR map now.

If you can still reproduce then please upload a screenshot. Also compare with the IFR high/low layers, and also pan around to see if the same issue appears regardless of the displayed map area.




Many thanks, this wonderful product is working again. Just love the interface. Intuitive and jammed packed with goodies… Well done to the team!!!

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