In EFP of Fenix A320 in some Charts is not curren tSim Position showing

I have the problem that the current sim position (the blue little arrow) is not showing in some position in the EFP of Fenix A320 (Flight Sim MSFS 2020 all updates installed).

For exampel

Munich Airport (EDDM) in Map Airport “10-9 (25-Nov-2022)” the position is shown correct (Parking Position 250)

but in

Munich Airport (EDDM) in Map “10-9C (25-Aug-2023) Parking Stands EASS” the position is not showing.

Does some one knows how to fix this problem

PS: Unfortunly I cant make a screen shoot


Moving Map requires “geo-referenced” charts. Not all charts are “geo-referenced”.

Please see ESGG "Moving map" - #6 by Ian and Show Aircraft on Taxi Charts - #2 by skysail


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