PMDG 777 EFB,doesn't show the a/c's position on the ground

Hello, I cannot see the a/c’s position on the ground,using the Terminal Charts in EFB. I am able to see the position in the Airports Charts of the EFB. Is it normal? I thought that we would be able to check the a/c’s position in the Terminal Charts too… Thanks in advance

I use P3Dv5,PMDG 777…

I have published my problem, afew days ago…Any support please?

Sorry, we (Ian and I) have spoken about your posting internally and have forgotten to answer - sorry for that.

We assume you mean the TAXI charts, right? Not all charts are Geo-referenced, which mean we can´t show the purple triangle due the missing reference coordinates on the charts. In most cases, it happens on the TAXI charts.

This has nothing todo with PMDG or any other EFB in the addons - it´s simple due the PDFs where this is not possible.

But to verify it, if this is really the case, can you give us an example on which chart you miss the a/c position?

Thank you and sorry again,

Thank you very much for your reply! Yes, I mean the taxi charts of the EFB, as I am able to see my position (the purple triangle) in the navigraph desktop version but not in the EFB of my a/c. I will give you a few examples:LFPG,HESH,LGAV,RJAA,PHNL…Thanks in advance!