“Import from SimBrief” blank Samsung Galaxy Tab4

I have been having a problem with the Navigraph Charts app from the Google Play store on my Samsung Galaxy Tab4. Before Charts 8 I was able to import from SimBrief without a problem. Now when I click import, it’s left blank and my recent SimBrief flight does not come up. Double checked username as well and everything seems to be set up correctly on the app. Thanks in advance!

Is the Galaxy Tab4 7 or 10.1 inch ? If it is 7 it is below our current minimum size of around 10.


10.1 inch. I have no problems with anything else. When I import a flight plan from the desktop version and go back to the app, it appears in the recent flights. Just unable to import from SimBrief in app

Which version of Android are you running?

Can you visit Simbrief.com main website in Chrome on that tablet?


5.0.2 and yes I am able to access the online version on the site. For the online one I can import, but the app cannot.