SimBrief import doesn't work

I have been using Navigraph Charts more-or-less flawlessly for years. I have used it many times since the update. Suddenly I can’t import from Simbrief. I click Import from Simbrief and get a list of my Simbrief flight plans, but clicking a flight plan does nothing. The app doesn’t hang or anything, I can change my mind and cancel and that works fine. Usually, the selected flight plan will highlight blue and open up an “Import and Open” option on the bottom. Tonight, suddenly, nothing.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Charts app. I was kind of upset at the Charts app being useless for Android devices without any workaround, and now if this is useless for desktop too, well, I’m not sure why I even subscribe. Y’all need to fix some things. I didn’t sign up for the Beta option; don’t use me as your beta tester.


Check you are clicking on the download icon.


I was clicking on the download icon. It likewise had no effect.

But the behavior changed this morning. It’s started working again.