ILS landing LOWW RWY 29 OEX orange color

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to ask for advice.
What I use:
ProSim737, P3DV5.3, airac to the 2302 cycle and built database
Im landing: LOWW RWY 29 ILS
The 29 RWY ILS freq. appears first in the corner of the PFD. 109.55 and 291 degrees, in white. Later, instead of 109.55 frekv., OEX is orange and, 291 degrees is fine, white
The phenomenon, OEX orange, has been experienced since the 2302 cycle.
Can someone help me with some good advice as to why…
Thank you,

please report this to ProSim. We offer only the data but no logic behind. I have also checked the records with the OEX ident and these records are 100% equal to 2301, 2213 and also 2212.

So, I don’t see any difference between this cycle and the previous cycles. Sorry, possible not helpful but we can’t do more …

Please report this to ProSim. Thank you!


Thanks for the quick reply Richard!

No problem and sorry, that I/we can´t help you more …

Anyway, a nice evening,

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