ILS frequencies/approaches not showing in FMC

I have the annual Navigraph subscription for the Navigraph Navdata.
Before installing Navigraph I had the issue that several airports around the world dont have the ILS frequencies /approaches showing up in the FMC/Garmin 3000. This is so even though ILS approach works fine if I look up the frequencies on the internet or Little navmap.
However after installing Navigraph the frequencies still dont show up for several airports. An example is Sydney Intl “Kingsford Smith” YSSY where none of the rwy ILS frequencies show up.
I suspect I have done something wrong and hope that someone can confirm to me if the ILS frequencies /approaches show up on YSSY or not when Navigraph is innstalled correctly?

My Navigraph Navdata installer shows newest AIRAC cycle innstalled.
I have the installer up and running and signed in before I start the sim.
The two Navigraph folders are present in my community folder.
Navigraph shows up as installed in the ingame content manager.
The content html file is intact in the Msfs20 folder and shows the Navigraph line last (as highest priority)
I have tried with all mods except Navigraph removed from community folder.
The YSSY is obviously stock, and as far as I can see the rwy’s are correct as in real world. There are none of the rwy 's that have assigned wrong initials, ie “rwy1” instead of “rwy01”

It would be helpful to know for sure if I should be able to se the YSSY (Kingsford Smith) ILS frequencies in my Garmin 3000 or not before spending more time getting my Navigraph subscription to work?
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thank you very much for your details. Much appreciated …

I have checked all your information and it looks correct so far. Also I have checked an ILS example (ILS 07 - 109.90 ISY) no problems, ILS is working as expected.

I have seen, that you have installed a few 3rd party sceneries … are you 100% sure, that all these sceneries are SU7 compatible? Because when a package is not compatible, it could be, that this package “disturb” the other packages.

You can test following:
Move all packages in your community-folder somewhere out of this folder, excluding all the navigraph … after that restart the sim and try the ILS again. When it´s working, you know, that you´re using a “bad” package. When it´s not working, please let me know again …

Thank you,

Hi. Thank you for your quick response. I already did what you suggested, had everything removed from community folder except the two Navigraph folders. Did it again now to be sure. Still the same.
However I am not sure we are talking about the same issue here. ILS on all the runways are working fine (did also before I innstalled Navigraph). That is if I look up the frequencies on Google or Little navmap and manually plot them into nav radio.

  1. If I go to procedures/approach (in the G3000) and select f.ex ILS rwy 07, load and avtivate, the correct ILS freq does not show up in the nav radio.
  2. If I go to airport (in the G3000) and select “Airport info” and click “frequencies”, all com frequencies show up but none of the ILS frequencies.

Do I wrongly assume that my Navigraph subscription should fix this issue? I must admit that the anoying issue of having to go out of VR to find the frequencies in an external program was my main reason to subscribe to Navigraph.
Regards Philip

Hi Philip,
oh … understood now … do we speak from the WorkingTitle G3000? Normally, this is a addon issue than a navdata issue, but to verify it, it would be good to know which G3000 you mean, that I can try to reproduce.

When you receive the ILS, the data are installed correctly.

Thank you,

Hi Richard
The problem is the same if I use the stock G3000 or if I use the WT mod.
When you say that data is correct innstalled when ILS is working, I need to point out that the ILS (after manual input) also worked before I innstalled the Navigraph Navdata.
If you select the rwy 7 YSY approach, does the correct ILS frequency show up in the NAV 1 radio?