FALE ILS 24 missaligned

Please add the following corrected data to your datasets. I received this from FSDG after complaining on their forum about the misalignment of RW24. I currently have this data in my user_nav.dat file in XP11

4 -29.627369971 31.105589685 294 10970 18 87697.800 TGI FALE FA 24 ILS-cat-II
6 -29.601522222 31.129791667 294 10970 18 300217.121 TGI FALE FA 24 GS
12 -29.601516667 31.129800000 294 10970 25 0.000 TGI FALE FA KING SHAKA INTL DME-ILS
4 -29.596163297 31.133428466 290 11130 18 22357.800 TNI FALE FA 06 ILS-cat-II
6 -29.623461111 31.110688889 290 11130 18 300037.121 TNI FALE FA 06 GS
12 -29.623469444 31.110683333 290 11130 25 0.000 TNI FALE FA KING SHAKA INTL DME-ILS

these coordinates are exactly the same what we use in the MSFS data too …

I don´t have found any FSDG FALE scenery for MSFS …

Here are the coordinates from MSFS
LOC antenna -29.62738611, 31.10571389
GS antenna -29.60152222, 31.12979167
DME antenna -29.60151667, 31.12980000

You see nearly exactly! the same position (there is a rounding of course but that doesn´t make any difference). Both are centerlined to the runway 24

… and here, because the original posting is quite old - FALE 24 approach stock data with the stock Airbus A320neo, AIRAC 2205 installed:

short final:

As you see, no misalignment here - the data are correct. By the way all data will be created from one and the same data-source, so it would be strange when a LOC position is differ in one sim as in the other one. In this case, all coordinates are the same (excluding a small rounding):

All these data are absolutely correct and will be used in the MSFS as you see in my screenshots, which I have made now with the latest MSFS version.


Hi Richard,

Apologies, I did not realize at the time that the thread was sim specific. The data I gave you earlier was specific for XP11.50+. Without me using the “fix” as shown the FSDG scenery does not work in XP11. RW24 is way off.

So what I understand now, is that it is fixed in MSFS2020 but definitely not in XP11


Hi Nico,
no problem, but again as you see in the google maps screenshot, the loc antenna is on the correct position in the XP11 data.

I haven’t test it now with the stock XP scenery but I will do this as a reference because I’m pretty sure that this is a 3rd party scenery issue. Possible the runway coordinates are not correct … I don’t have this XP scenery therefore it’s only a assumption. The coordinates in XP11 are correct too, thats for sure and you see this on the google maps screenshot above.


Can confirm ILS24 in msfs is spot on. Just landed the fenix.
But atc all over the place - not sure if this is a random event or the result of wu10

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