ILS at EDLP Paderborn reversed

Good afternoon,

I was using the WT CJ4 today and came to land at 06 in Paderborn, however the paramters for RWY06 were actually for RWY 24 instead. ie it tuned to 111.15 and the identifier was for RWY24 (IPLW)

Likewise RWY24 has the ILS set at 108.55 and ID IPLE.

According to the charts this should be the other way around.

Hi Daniel,.
please can you make a screenshot of the ND when you’re sitting on the runway and you have tuned the ILS? Because I can’t reproduce it …
Thank you

Hi Richard,

Sorry to waste your time, it seems fine now. User error :face_with_head_bandage:


Thanks Dan - I like user errors :joy::+1:
Thanks for your feedback

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