Hannover (EDDV) hat die Rwy 27L falsche Daten

Hallo, ich fliege oft meinen Heimatflughafen Hannover (EDDV) im P3D v. 4.5 an. Beim ILS Anflug auf der RWY 27L wurde der ILS mit Ihren angegebenen Daten IHSW 109.95 nicht eingefangen. Der richtige ILS ist IHSW 109.50
Dieser “Fehler” besteht schon seit mehreren Monaten. Warum wird es nicht berichtigt?
Jürgen J.

Hi Jürgen,
for your next posting - please all in english because not all understand german. Thank you …

The answer is simple - because the ILS 27L at EDDV (ident IHSW) has the frequency 109.95 in real life and not 109.50 … The P3D scenery is outdated and therefore you can´t catch it with 109.95 …

As an official reference, directly from the AIP Germany:

You see, the frequency is 109.95. So all is correct so far :wink:
Hope that helps!


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Thank you for your information about Rwy 27L in Hannover (EDDV). I didn’t know that. Then I will soon buy a new version of P3D.

Hi Jürgen,
not sure if this will help because I guess that the P3D database will not be updated. You can try to buy an addon scenery or you ask Herv, if he can provide you with an ILS update for your sim.

Herv supports us too, is very helpful and has a good knowledge about real-world aviation. I would try to contact him, to ask him, if he can support you for a one time update of your ILSs that you can fly as real-as it gets.

Here his webpage, where you find all necessary information:

Liebe Grüße und schönes Wochenende aus Wien,

Hello Richard!

Thank you for your offer and the information. Since I’m not a PC expert, I’ll leave it as it is. I think with the new update I will have some problems again and then I have to reinstall the P3D 4.5 and 50 addons. Then at some point I’ll love to buy the new P3D v5 or better and start over with addons. My current problem is only Hanover ILS 27L and I also know the “old frequency” and it is also captured.


Juergen from Hanover

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Hi Juergen,

There should not be any problem updating the wrong ILS 27L frequency in your simulator. Feel free to contact me directly via email or a PM if you need some help for doing that. If you have several addons, the wrong frequency may also come from one of them. This has to be determined. Also know that switching to P3DV5 will not solve the problem since the ILS 27L (IHSW) frequency has not been corrected in P3DV5 (still 109.50) and a correction will still to be applied.

Looking forwards


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