ILS 23R is missing from cairo Intl

ILS 23R is missing from cairo Intl, its in the charts but i cant see it in any fms in the approaches ( 05L) aswell.

which simulator do you use? Which addon do you use?


Hello, Hope you are great.

the simulator is MSFS
i use the asobo handcrafted cairo airport, and for the aircraft i tried pmdg 737 and fenix, even any aircraft it doesnt show ils 23R or 05L in the approaches

Thank you, can you confirm that this runway 23R/05L exists in the stock MSFS scenery?


yes the runway exists because the RNAV app works.

the thing that the approach legs for 23R/05L exists like when i opened the charts and starts searching for the ils legs i found it, but the problem is that you cant choose the ils from any aircraft even in the msfs flight planning map

Hi again,
I have looked deeper into it - you can only select the LOC approaches for 23R and 05L and both are available. The reason is, that you can´t code an ILS approach because the missed approach point is prior the runway threshold. That´s simple a coding rule and therefore you see also on the charts ILS or LOC approach.

Yellow path is the missed approach, the red bar the runway threshold - so the missed approach starts BEFORE the runway-threshold and therefore it can´t be coded as ILS only as LOC:

That doesn´t mean, that you can´t fly a fully ILS approach but you can only select this approach as LOC approach.

Hope that helps

Okay thanks for your reply, when i tried it now i found that the glide slope is way too low like when i was doing autoland the aircraft touchdown before the threshold of the runway, is it possible to fix it?

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