SPJC/LIM missing all STARs, approaches not labeled by runway

there are no STARs for SPJC/LIM in MSFS despite being visible and selectable in Charts Desktop and valid in Simbrief.

Edit: in the in-sim ATC the approaches are not labeled by runway, offering only runway 16 instead of 16L and 16R and ATC is offering confusing instructions

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normally this indicates, that a runway is missing, or the runway idents are outdated in the MSFS. Check the runway/runway idents in MSFS against the real world …

You should have 16L/R and 24L/R … when the MSFS scenery is outdated, the MSFS can’t assign our real world procedures to the specific runways. There are a lot of outdated airports in the sim, but this can only be fixed by ASOBO.

So please check the runways …

Here an example question with the same background:


Ah I have read your edit now … So my previous post is the “solution”. Please report this to ASOBO, that this airport is outdated.

Thats not what we can do - no data issue.

Thank you

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