ILS 06 EHRD trans ROT

The ILS 06 into Rotterdam airport via the ROT transition seems to be wrong. There are additional waypoints called RTM3 that do not exist on the chart. In combination with the working title cj4 for msfs2020.

Hi David,
thanks for contacting us.

You´re right the RTM3 waypoint doesn´t exist - and it´s not a part in our dataset. I guess, it´s more a fictive waypoint which will be created by Working-Title.

Here the waypoint list from the TBM:

… and here the different sequences and the “translation” of the leg-types:

  1. ROT = yellow
  2. ROT = green
  3. PS = blue
  4. PS =red
  5. EH251 = orange
  6. PS + PS connection waypoints between ROT1 transition and final approach
  7. EH250 = purple

You see, we don´t have this waypoint in our database, so I can´t really say what RTM3 means or does (I guess it´s a reference point to the CJ4 RTM is the NDB and 3 possible the distance … but again thats only my personal assumption. For more details, and the how and why, you should ask WT.


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