ILS 04 LSGG with Fenix are not aligned

Hi guys, I did a flight today to LSGG and when I was on the ILS 04, my PFD was aligned with the LOC and glyde but the Fenix 320 was not aligned in real on the LOC. He was at 2-3 degrees on the left of the runway but not aligned. How can I fix that please ? Because with the before last Airacs, it was working great.

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I am having this same issue with the Fenix, but at CYUL and CYYZ. LOC is offset to the left of the runway. Need help with this

Hello everybody i have the same issue with all airport i tested LSGG both runway LFLL ILS 17L

No fix out yet. Best option i had was to remove the current airac off of the Fenix through the Navdata center app and use stock asobo navdata. It reverts back to Aug21, but atleast it works for the time being.

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Hi, Roger I Will try thanks :wink:

I’m not sure what is so hard to understand here. Third time … the Fenix DON’T use the stock navdata from Asobo. The Fenix addon uses a own, complete independent database, provided by us - also, when you use the default one from August.

In other words, you still use our database from Jeppesen but an outdated cycle and never ever stock data from Asobo.

Please, stop writing such details, when you have no clue about. You make nothing better, only more confusing.

Thank you

we have just released a second revision of the Fenix database, where we have calculate the runway-headings in a more accurate way to improve the alignments. Please update the Fenix database via our Navigraph Hub.

If possible, report back your results to see, if this fix solves the issue …

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Thanks for highlighting my point Richard. Again, i dont speak your “lingo”, but what i had explained there seemed to be a solution for the time being. No need to be disrespectful though.

Please, try the new revision 2 of the Fenix database and report back, if you have still the same issue.

Thank you very much

Hi again,

It’s working this time. Thank you very mcuh for your help.

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