Ability to annotate/draw on charts

I see that this has been mentioned a few times. Let me bump this topic once again. This would be incredibly nice to have within the app, along with possibly a scratch pad with text function for clearances and whatnot. When I fly on the sim, I typically want to go to the gates the real flight is going to, and one way I would use the draw function on a daily basis for sure is circling the gate my flight is assigned to. Any chance this has been looked at at all since it’s been mentioned so many times? Thanks!



This has been requested many times and is on our road map.

Please see Painting inside the Charts

You might like to add your vote to that Wishlist item.


With all due respect, and I do mean that, because I just love your product and so grateful for navigraph, but this request has been going on for at least 3 years when I searched (2020). Any updates to this instead of links to just other requests? I saw this could be done on a fenix efb the other day.

We have indeed seen this request many times, but we have never been in a position where it has been feasible until recently. In the last two years, we have completely rebuilt the Navigraph Charts product, and now that SimBrief OFPs are finally readable from within the app it’s safe to say that annotations would be a logical next step for these areas of the app!

With the addition of this Wishlist section in our forum, we have been quite surprised that there has been a very small interest in these features compared to, for example, VATSIM integrations. Let’s hope that this changes and that people show their interest so that we can prioritize it higher!

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Firstly, I absolutely love all the new features and changes you guys are implementing. You are all legends! Absolute legends!

I would like to request one additional feature if it’s possible. A marker or pen option to draw on any one of the charts with the mouse with different colour options like black, white, red, yellow, blue and green.

Keep up the awesome work!


Thank you for the kind words.

I have moved your suggestion to this Wishlist topic as it is similar.


I too love the product and would love not to have to buy foreflight but until we all can draw on charts, which I partially, don’t know why that wasn’t featured to start with, I’m still paying for both. I mean you could even go above and beyond to have taxiways that are NOTAMed closed pre-marked on Charts, but I don’t know if that’s even possible. But there’s no reason that the drowning ability and note/scratch pad haven’t been added.

… we have been quite surprised that there has been a very small interest…

Herwewith I will officially add my interest to the “small interest group” :wink:

I’ve been waiting for years for this feature but was staying silent. Staying silent, was obviously a mistake of mine. :wink:

It is already a fantastic product… great additions with every update… looking forward to this feature. :wink: :slight_smile:

This is certainly my #1 wish for the Charts app

Especially since this is a feature most real-life EFB’s also have. Very nice if you can draw the taxi route given by ATC, mark the gate, or just general navigational notes.

You might also be interested in this topic!

Just put in my vote to this “Small Interest Group”!!

I feel that with the onset of more pilots coming in (and BeyondATC is progressing really well), it’d be more and more important for folks to take notes and instructions for taxi-ing, especially for huge airports with instructions a mile long haha.

This would benefit everyone across the board regardless of plane/simulator.

I would like to think that having the ability to draw a circle of x radius on the chart for plotting TOD would be very helpful. I fly GA aircraft and do not have an FMS that can show the optimum TOD. Being able to draw a circle around the bottom of descent would make it much easier to begin a descent without having to constantly monitor distances on the GPS Flight Plan.


We shall use your suggestion for potential enhancements and new functionality. So, please be as detailed as you can.

Only one issue per thread so that others can easily see what has been reported.

Integrating it is great. However, I noticed that the line widht is hiding some taxiways inscriptions and the markings disapear when leaving and coming back to the chart. I also noticed that zooming achart does not stay on

Hello everyone!

We are currently working on making this feature a reality.

However, the title of this topic originally included a feature that would allow you to draw on the maps, and not just the charts. While it may initially sound like these features are similar, they have almost zero overlap technically and we must therefore separate that feature from this one by moving it to a separate topic. Additional details can be found in this quote:

If you feel strongly about being able to draw in the map too, you can find the dedicated wishlist item here:

Thanks for understanding!

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