Suggestion: Please add to Charts app the ability to write something using our fingers

Hello, my name is Ribona (pronounced Rib-o-nah). As a new user of Navigraph Ultimate yearly subscription I’m having a great time with it, and I want to thank the developers for their amazing contributions to home desktop flight simulation. I have a little suggestion for the Charts app, which I described below.

Imagine you are flying on vatsim or pilotedge, and you have the Charts app up and running on your iPad or android tablet. ATC gives you a bunch of directions: “c172, you are cleared to KBFI, climb straight to 5000 feet, maintain heading of 180 degrees” etc etc.

To write this info down, you’d have to either use a physical pen and paper, or exit Charts app and use something else on the Ipad/Android.

Instead, the developers could add a function/feature to the Charts app where we could touch an icon or something like that on the Charts app itself, and a virtual blank page will appear where we could draw/erase using our fingers. Information on it will be automatically saved, and we will be able to keep it open at all times, or just close it, or recall it anytime we want.

This imo will totally eliminate the need to have physical pen and paper handy and also the need to exit out of the Charts app to use another app.

Thank you in advance if you implement such feature.

Best regards,
Ribona (and would like be to called and known as “Ribona” in this forum).

Hi Ribona,
Welcome to Navigraph.
Although I understand your need to avoid the use of a pen, some pilots find that typing the instructions into the scratchpad of their FMC is a practical solution.
Perhaps try it but if you are still unhappy, continue to argue for your suggestion.
Good luck :grinning: