I keep getting error message box "unable to download Airport index" on startup of charts desktop

I frequently get the error message dialog “unable to download Airport index” on startup of charts desktop.
I am able to login to the web site so I believe my account is active.
After this error message the S/W comes up and appears normal except If I try to look at any charts for any airport I get the error message “Airport failed to download”


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Which app version are you running? Check Settings.

If I click on the “Show settings” icon the app crashes. I then see the Windows error dialog message “Navigraph charts desktop has stopped working”
The .exe file I am running is dated 10/4/2018 and has a size of 2,594 Kb.
I tried to download the latest version from the web site yesterday and install it.
Perhaps that install did not complete correctly?

That is a very old version. Please uninstall any version of Charts older than 7.0 from your system, and make sure to run the latest one only.

Problem fixed. I recently created and was using a shortcut to the .exe file in the C:\Program Files9x86) folder for all users but I had installed the latest version for just me so it was located in the c:\users\Todd\Appdata etc folder.
Thank you

First I uninstalled the ancient version and modified my shortcut to point to the new version that I installed for all users

Works great now

I thought I’d deleted my post after figuring it out, but thanks for the reply.

Possibly like you, I’ve just resubbed, after a bit of a break from civil aircraft simming, but MSFS has got me reinterested. It’s otherwise tough to match the nav data in the sim, by default, with the likes of Simbrief and my other sims.

Thanks again.

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