I have a problem with Navigraph navdata canter

After the process and confirmation of the login process, it appears to me that I am not a subscriber and I am already subscribed.

I tried to un-delete the app and downloaded it again and it still shows that I am not a subscriber.

What do you advise me to do?



It appears you may have more than one account. Please make sure you log in to Navigraph Navdata Center with the account details of your subscription.


Actually, I only have one account

Can you log in to https://charts.navigraph.com ?



Please sign out and in to your account. Any change?


how I can sing out from [Navigraph navdata canter] app ?

Try signing out at top right of https://navigraph.com/

Also quit from Navigraph Navdata Center:


still same, not working

maybe I will try to install manual

Please confirm you are trying to update MSFS and/or MSFS addons.
Have you been able to sign in to Navigraph Navdata Center (NNC) at any time?
Please confirm you are trying to log into NNC v 1.0.10.


I managed to log in several times, but two weeks ago I did not enter the application, but when I came two days ago to open the application this is what happened

MSFS and NNC 1.0.10 ?

Finally, I knew what the problem was.
I went to communitya file and I deleted all files related to navdata and AIRAC Cycle
Then I deleted the application and downloaded it again and logged in and the method succeeded.
Thank you so much @Ian for trying to help me

Zuhair Al-ajmi

Hi Zuhair ,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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