Error logining in

I just subscribed to the ultimate subscription, but when I tried to login to the NavdataCenter, an error popped up saying I didn’t have an active subscription.
I tried closing the program and opening it again, but now I come across the following error: ECONNRESET ID: c75f7245-8bef-4aa9-ba57-2dc505221ef8
One observation: I do have an active subscription that i signed up today.
I ask for help.



Try uninstalling and reinstalling Navigraph Navdata Center

Then restart computer.


Already tried it two times.
Still getting the same error.

Already tried it.
Still getting the same error message.

I am told that is “no internet available” error.

Check you have a reliable internet connection. Maybe try connecting on a different device if you can.



After several tests, i realize that my AV software is blocking internet access for navigraph although the internet works for all the rest.
Thank you for the support!

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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