HTGW Songwe, Tanzania runway missing

Is HTGW Songwe, Tanzania in the Navigraph database as a paved runway? Its been paved since 2013 but I only see cleared dirt with Navigraph installed.

we may not change existing airports in MSFS - we have also a paved runway in our database but the underlaying stock scenery is dirt and therefore you see the dirt runway.

MSFS stock scenery … dirt runway:

… when I would use our data - paved runway:

Sorry, please report this to ASOBO/MS. Thank you!


If I wanted to make a custom airport, would I simply need to lower the ground level to make the existing navigraph runway appear?

I’m not a scenery designer but when you create a custom airport, you create normally a runway with a specific surface by your own. In 99% the cases, 3rd party sceneries use only variable information from our packages (ie. terminal procedures, navaid facilities, …) but no, more or less, static information (ie. runways, ILS antennas, …).

As I wrote, I don’t have enough knowledge in this area, therefore I can’t say if lowering the ground-level is enough.


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