How to turn dashed Star line solid

Thank you for your patience. I’ve just started using NG, and am a new Simmer.
I created a flight from CYYZ to CYQQ. There is no STAR for CYQQ, but it does have an ILS Approach for runway 12. I’ve selected that Approach. Now I have a dashed line between the Approach and the previous waypoint (DUPOD), which I’m assuming should be the STAR. If I click that dashed line a box labeled Vectors appears, but it doesn’t give me any options. How do I turn that dashed line into a solid line?
Thank you for your help.

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Some airports such as CYQQ don’t have STAR’s. So you would use Vectors from ATC (directions to fly) to align you to intercept the ILS for RWY 12.


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