Self deleted?

When I opened the Navigraph Navdata Beta center, in order to update it (I thought that was done through the center, but then I read here I had do download the new client here) it suddenly self deleted. It is nowhere to find. Shortcut on desktop gone, folders gone, client does not appear anymore in programs and apps etc.

Anyway, I downloaded the new client, updated both the Airac for MSFS and Aerosoft CRJ. But how do I know it is installed correctly? In a topic here in the forum the instruction to update the client is to first remove the installed AIRAC, then uninstall the old client, then install the new. I however could never remove the installed AIRAC because the client disappeared…

Strange. Any clues?

Best regards Jan

Hi Jan,

My suggestion about removing old AIRAC and old client is a start clean conservative one. If you have installed Beta 26, go with that. Feel free to Remove and Install packages there to make you feel comfortable :slight_smile:


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Thank you for a quick reply!

Everything seems okey, so then I guess I will not have to take any actions at the moment.

Best regards Jan