Suggestion to change REMOVE to UPDATE

My navdata beta is still 2011 revision 6.

Maybe I’m being dim but when I update using the download from here Navigraph Navdata Beta

When I run the navdata beta application it still shows 2011? I know we have issues with 13 but thought it was rolled back to revision 12?

EDIT: Ignore, I had to hit REMOVE for it to download revision 12. Maybe rename the button UPDATE instead of REMOVE. Its less intense…

We did roll back to 2012. You seem to be experiencing another problem then. I am going to try to disconnect this post from the thread to a separate discussion and we will help you there, so that we don’t hijack this thread, alright? :slight_smile:

I agree this could be improved. The current beta installer I have looks like this:

So I’m not actually sure how to update - even though I don’t have to at the moment as the 2013 cycle has been rolled back :grin:

Anyway I like the “remove” button, as it enables me to properly clean out the community folder in MSFS before installing any of their patches. I can then reinstall. I may not really need to do this, but I’m reluctant to simply move the navigraph folder that is created in the community folder during the installation process. Paranoia on my part probably.

Adding an “update” button would seem like the best option. That way I can update to the next cycle or use the remove button to remove the beta altogether if I want to.

Hope this is the right place to post this

Hi Gordon.

Welcome to the forum. Its neat, fresh and tidy so that’s why I am on everyone’s neck about posting in the right placel But don’t let that stop you. We will move posts around if it gets out of hand. :slight_smile:

To update you would first press remove, and then press install on the button that appears after you have removed the previous dataset - just like you describe. An update button would do the two operations in sequence. I’ll pass this feedback on to the team. Thanks for your feedback! Without it we can’t improve our services and products.



Hey guys,

This feature has actually been in the design from the beginning,
the remove button should ideally only be displayed when you already
have the last cycle installed. However, there is a larger technical task
going on currently regarding the whole infrastructure of the app which is blocking
this feature. As soon as we have finished that task there will be updates
with more visible features including the update button :slight_smile:

Kind regards,



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