How to install SIMLINK on X PLANE 11 for MAC

How to install SIMLINK in to X PLANE 11 for MAC??

Hi …,


Please download Charts for macOS and install both Charts and Simlink.

As instructed, please drag and drop Charts ontp Applications folder and double-click on Simlink.pkg


ok grazie dell’aiuto, ma ora ho un altro problema quando apro desktop chart si apre questa finestra

Unable to download airport index.
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“errorid”: “204”
“http_ status code”: “401”,
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subscriptions/valid” cosa posso fare??
Grazie in anticipo per il vs aiuto


We did have a server issue, now fixed. Please confirm you are able to update your FMS data on your Mac.


purtroppo ho bisogno di aiuto per favore puoi inviarmi la procedura di aggiornamento

Hi Vittorio,

Please post what you are seeking in English.


Dear Ian im sorry for delay, i would like to know the detailed procedure how to install simlink and to sincronize the IPAD with X-plane 11 on my MAC in order to have the possibility to manage the flight plan and chart.
Thankyou so much in advance for your help whatever it is

Hi Vittorio,

Download and run Simlink for mac OS
Drag Simlink icon to Applications folder as advised:

Start X-Plane, you will be prompted to open Simlink, click open

You should see small green Simlink icon in macOS status bar:

In latest Navigraph Charts for iPaD, make sure you are logged in to account with subscription, press white aircaft icon top right, it should flash when connected. You should then see your magenta icon on map where your aircraft is located.


Hi Yann,

Where is the white aircraft in the right corner please?
I run Xplane 11 on Windows but I use Navigraph charts on my iPad.
Here is a pic of what I see

When I hit the white arrow, there is a message below saying that Simlink is not installed
Thank you for your help
Philippe BRACHET ( I have a full subscription)

Should I install Simlink on my PC as well? I am lost, sorry

Hi Philippe,

You need to have Simlink installed on your FS machine alone to ensure your FS coordinates are forwarded to our servers. When you run Charts on your iPad, you request a download of charts and our servers see you are logged in, and place the aircraft magenta icon on your chart where you are located.


Ok, I see. I will try tonight. Sim link was not on my PC.
Just one thing, when I use my iPad, I hit download? I don’t understand this part. Would you have a screenshot ?
And for the flight plan? Do I use Simbrief as usual ( easy to transfer on Toliss Airbus ) or must I do the plan with Sharts, in order to transfer all the datas.
I think it’s Simbrief but I want to be sure

Hi Philippe,

Once you have Simlink installed and FS running, in Charts, you click on the white aircraft icon, which should turn to magenta. You should see a similar magenta icon displayed on the Chart where you are located.


Ok but for building the flight plan, do I use simbrief or charts ?

Envoyé de mon iPhone X

Simbrief is a comprehensive flight planning application including facilities such as fuel planning.
Charts 8 also has flight planning and provides extensive chart display and moving map.

The two applications are independent of one another with the ability to import plans between them.

Each tool has different functionality. I suggest you try each out and see how to get the most from them.

Of course ask here if you need help.