Fly By Wire - Flypad - Load flightplan from simbrief


I have tried looking online for half an hour but I cannot find anywhere how to actually import a simbrief plan into the Flybad.

Can anyone please advise?



For Flypad:

  • Make sure you have latest A32NX version.
  • Create OFP in SimBrief.
  • In Flypad\Settings(Cogwheel)\ATSU/AOC enter Simbrief Username/Pilot ID
  • Select to Import SimBrief Data

To enter flightplan into MCDU:

  • Enter your SimBrief username into MCDU Menu\ATSU\AOC Menu\INIT/PRESS select INIT DATA REQ.
  • In INIT choose INIT REQUEST .
  • Contents of your SimBrief OFP should be loaded into MCDU.

See also SimBrief Integration - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation



Hello Ian!

It worked like a charm. Thank you very much for the detailed instructions!

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You are welcome.

Happy flying


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