How to identify Missing airspaces in DFD

Regarding this thread:

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How can I change the DFD to LNM database compiler to include the new airspaces mentioned in above thread?

I see no additions to this list:

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Some extra data are only available in our app/data and therefore can’t/and may not be export to LNM.


I really value these airspaces being shown in Navigraph Charts now. They are of particular importance for real-world VFR departure routes where airports are close to each other. I use Little Navmap heavily and it would be so good to have these airspaces shown in LNM too if possible. Would you please be able to make this data available in the future to LNM, or at least consider doing so? Thank you very much.

as I wrote before, we are using data (increasing) which we can (and partly may) use in our apps/data only - so we will not (and can´t) export all data to LNM. May I ask, what you miss in our app for your VFR planing, that you use LNM?

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Thank you for clarifying, Richard.

For VFR I particularly like using Little Navmap for its flight plan elevation profile

It is a helpful and intuitive way to keep track of altitude during a flight as well as top of descent and awareness of terrain height.

For interest, SkyDemon has a flight elevation feature too and it also includes airspace profiles. This is a really easy way to know where you are in relation to airspace and how to avoid infringements. It is a great help in busy areas.

Thanks to you for the examples - I know, that this elevation profile was also in discussion in our app team. I will re-check it, if this is what we have still in our backlog. Thanks again! Will try to inform you here, about the latest dev status …


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Much appreciated, Richard!

Thanks for the clarification, Richard.



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