Missing Class E airspace

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I have noticed some missing class E airspaces (i.e. around PADQ). The class E airspaces is visible in the VFR map but not in the IFR LOW or HIGH. Also it doesn’t appear in Little Navmap although I have updated it via FMS Data Manager (I am on the latest AIRAC). Any ideas? Thank you


Edit: the class E airspace (i.e. around PADQ) does show in the desktop app (provided you select to show VFR airspaces in settings, doh!). However they do not appear in Little Navmap


This type of airspace is included in a separate VFR dataset from Jeppesen. We are not exposing this to third parties, so that is why it only shows up in the VFR layer in the Charts app.



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Understood! Thanks so much!

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