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I’m trying to correct the ILS 25 glideslope at EDDS using the scenery reorder tool to place navigraph at the -1 postion (at the top), the theory being that the custom scenery will load after it and overwrite with its own glideslope… so far each restart of the sim puts navigraph back at the 1 and 2 positions- so I don’t know if reordering does anything. Any ideas how to fix this?

sorry that I can´t really help you in this case but I don´t really understand this reorder tool in the MSFS but may I ask you what is wrong with the ILS25 glideslope into EDDS? When it´s a general issue, I would change it via the WorldHub that this can be fixed for everyone.

But what is exactly the issue that our data doesn´t fit?


The glideslope for RWY 25 brings you into the ground about a half mile prior to the runway threshold. This is using the RD presets scenery. I’m assuming that the navigraph data is correct, so I want to either come through, or if EDDS has it’s own customary ILS, maybe it can come through

MSFS should not reset the order on restart. Are you running the Navigraph Hub regulary? That will change the priority back in the Content.xml (which is what the reordering tool is modifying). If you have found and configured an order that is working for you, you can set the Content.xml to read-only. E.g. I use -101 for navigraph-navdata-base to have it above the defaults for custom (0) and marketplace (-100) scenery and had no issues so far.

… but I´m not sure, if the scenario from the OP will ever work, because there are a lot of dependencies from the 3rd party scenery. Also, to set the content.xml file in the read-only mode is not recommended and un-supported. Such workaround may work but is not helpful for our support …

This file is useful even when someone means it´s not. When it would be un-useful you can be sure, that ASOBO/MS would not use this file any longer … so for all other readers here.

Don´t set the content.xml file read-only!

We find in nearly every case a solution, but as I wrote before there are a lot of dependencies between the core-data, the navdata, stock sceneries, and 3rd party sceneries from webstores, marketplace or as freeware-scenery …

Thank you very much,

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