How to fly this STAR and ILS Approach?

This is the Croft1E STAR into EGNX for the ILS DME approach into RWY 09. Can someone please explain to me, ideally using waypoint abbreviations, how this is meant to be flown (ideally in a 737). I’m starting to regret choosing EGNX as a homebase! Thank you

Try to look at the transition chart (10-2D and 10-2E)

After ROKUP, you’ll make a right turn to heading 148. For runway 27, intercept the 114 outbound radial from TRENT (TNT) VOR/DME until passing 24.4 DME. Then turn right to intercept the Localizer

Runway 09 is different. After ROKUP, turn right to East Midlands NDB (EME | 353.5). turn turn to heading 268 to East Midlands NDB (EMW | 393.0). From there join the old over EMW NDB, right turns, 4.3 NM legs. From that hold intercept the ILS 09.

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Thanks Olafie. I’ve gone over all of the charts again and it looks like the answer was like I drew in my last image. Appreciate your help :slight_smile: Would love to know why they had to design it like this.

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