How to add ILS Approach

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I have OFP KMIA - KJFK and I want to add KJFK final approach but I just cannot figure out how to do it. Please direct me to find the right way.

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It appears that you are in the wrong are of the Charts application for adding procedures to your flight.

If you look at your menu, you are in the Airports tab. Here you can find information about airports, including charts and procedures. What you are doing in that screenshot is to preview procedures outside of the context of your route.

If you want to add a procedure to your actual flight, you will need to switch over to the Flights tab, where you will find the button used to select an approach:

Once you press that button, you can then select the ILS RWY 22L approach:

I hope that helps! Let me know if you’re still having issues.

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Thank you for the help,.
I would get help again; how can i add the missing link to my Approach?


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In this case, there are no approaches that connect directly to your arrival. If you read the chart for the arrival that you have selected, you will see that your are supposed to follow radar vectors to the approach:


The ILS RWY 19L approach aligns a bit better with your planned flight, but there is still a small discontinuity in your route that would be handled by ATC:

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